I tracked down Dr. Beans at the Cradle Of Aviations Museum near Uniondale NY . The clever recluse had just finished up a short speech about the famous AWAX aircraft that was designed and built nearby. The subject was short lived as AWAX talk turned to earwax a similar sounding word but with an entirely different meaning. Thus the genius of Dr. Beans.
Dr. Beans’ latest effort “SLUT MONKEY” is now available and well worth the sheckles. Dare I say laugh out loud funny? Yes. Beans once told a bevy of onlookers years ago outside a New York courthouse (paternity case #1a), “I Never met a pun I didn’t want to wrestle and get naked with, either order”
The title track has that down home groove, that says what few artists want to ever convey, “I ‘m a douche bag, you’re a total slut, so lets relieve ourselves in the jungle”. The well crafted track Rump Roast is a hilarious tale that will leave you craving for some over cooked red meat. The throw away line about tossed salad-awesome! Horace and Boris a feel good song inspired by Cab Calloway and the latest push for legal gay marriage. Body hair a plus in the world of Dr. Beans. I wanted more, what about Richard and Dick? What about Manny and Danny? Hiding in Your Bathroom is an uplifting song showing off the vocal range of Dr. Beans, you just wanted the fuzzy guitar part at the end to be heavier.
Beans has emerged relevant once again. Making people smile, not easy these days, making people laugh, next to impossible. So next time the gas station attendant asks you for $96.00 and asks you what song is playing in your car, tell him its “SLUT MONKEY”. Dr. Beans’ contribution to keeping spirits high while getting hosed at the pump.
-Mitch Michaels
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May 2008

Debut cd Slut Monkey (finally) released following much legal wrangling. You may purchase it here.

Beans recently made his television debut on Rant-n-Rave with Super Ho and poet Joe Hunt. Broadcast live on Manhattan Cable ch 56.  The show is on at 11:30 pm on mondays - check back for more appearances.

First cd review appears below:
Dr Beans